Natural Gas Safety

Safety is Our Priority

South Jersey Gas provides natural gas service to homes and businesses in seven southern counties of New Jersey. As a company, public safety and the safe operation of our gas pipelines is our priority.

It is our responsibility and priority to keep you informed about our work to ensure the safety of our systems and the public. Even if you are not our customer, you may live, work, gather or own property adjacent to our pipeline system.

We operate under a strict set of requirements to ensure that our pipelines are safe. This includes New Jersey’s pipeline safety regulations, which are some of the most stringent in the country, as well as those set by the federal government.

We are required by regulation to perform monthly inspections of our transmission pipelines to observe surface conditions on pipeline rights-of-way, check for indications of leaks, construction activity and other factors which may affect safety and operation.

Additionally, we survey our distribution mains routinely and make improvements when needed to ensure their safe operation.

We believe our consistent safe operation can be attributed to two main objectives:

  • Our frequent and thorough system surveys to ensure both safety and reliability
  • And most recently, our work in conjunction with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to accelerate infrastructure improvements throughout our service territory

This focus on infrastructure enhancement will only increase as we continue to grow our service territory and customer base. Throughout all of our operations, now and in the future, safety will always be our top priority.

The American Gas Association offers information about natural gas for you to explore.

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