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Energy Solutions for Business: Energy Management

Note: The Building Tune-up, Retro-Commissioning and Strategic Energy Management programs will launch later in 2022.

The SJG Energy Solutions for Business Energy Management Program provides incentives to Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers to more efficiently manage energy consumption at their facilities through maintenance, tune-up and retro-commissioning services for existing buildings. An added benefit is energy savings strategies that improve the overall operation and energy performance of building systems. By implementing these measures, ancillary benefits include improved occupant comfort, lower maintenance costs, and extended equipment life.

The program provides multiple paths for a customer to implement building tune up and maintenance services. Customers can make changes to their heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC), building automation, controls, industrial processes, and natural gas and electric systems through program offerings. The four pathways offered through this program are:

  1. HVAC Tune-up: Tune-ups for boilers and furnaces.
  2. Building Tune-up: Focuses on adjusting and calibrating building systems and controls, diagnostic testing and installing other measures that enhance building energy performance and savings.
  3. Retro-Commissioning (RCx): Provides a comprehensive assessment of a customer’s commercial/industrial building by using a prescribed planning process that includes a building audit, development of an action plan for the building and development of a measurement and verification plan to ensure the optimum on-going performance of the building and building systems.
  4. Strategic Energy Management (SEM): Designed to optimize energy consumption for larger C&I customers through long term management of major energy using systems. SEM provides a holistic approach that is focused on the management of existing systems and processes (including behavior), as well as tracking and benchmarking performance to identify and evaluate energy optimization efforts.


SJG customers must be on a non-residential rate code.

How to Participate

Submit a completed Boiler-Furnace Tune-up Application and required documents to

If you have questions, call our Program Administrator Applied Energy Group at 1.888.263.7372 or complete the form below.


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