Understanding My Residential Bill

As the cost of goods and services increase, we work every day to ensure we are providing you the safest, most reliable, lowest cost natural gas we can. We don't mark up or profit from the price you pay for natural gas. You pay what we pay.  Take control of your monthly bill by learning more about the factors that determine what you pay and taking steps to lower your energy usage.


What is the Acquisition Credit?
In February 2023, Infrastructure Investment Fund (IIF) acquired SJI, parent company of South Jersey Gas (SJG). As a result of the acquisition, all SJG customers will receive two bill credits.
When will I receive the Acquisition Credit?
The first credit of $41.55 was issued in April, 2023. The second credit of $41.27 will appear on your first bill on or after April 24, 2024. These credits reinforce our customer commitment to delivering natural gas affordability.


Rate Changes
The NJ Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) approved rate changes for certain components of Delivery Charges, which affects the Usage Costs portion of your bill.

The change in your monthly bill assuming usage of 100 therms per month is:
Residential Therms 100*October 1, 2023 bill
With BGSS Decrease
(see below)
October 1, 2023 bill
With BGSS Decrease and 
Delivery Charge Increases
ChangeFebruary 1, 2024 bill
With Delivery Charge
Delivery Charge increases$170.31$181.24$10.93$182.71$1.47
* A therm is a unit of heat measurement used to calculate your gas usage and charges.  100 therms is for a typical winter month.  Keep in mind that everyone’s therm use is different so your actual bill change will be different depending on the amount of therms used each month.
Charges related to Natural Gas Costs have Changed
The NJBPU approved a 11.1% rate decrease for BGSS Charges, which affects the Gas Charges portion of your bill, effective October 1, 2023. Because SJG does not profit from the cost of natural gas, we are passing along the savings to you. You pay what we pay.

The change in your monthly bill assuming usage of 100 therms per month is:
Residential Therms 100*September 1, 2023 billOctober 1, 2023 bill
With  BGSS Decrease
BGSS Decrease$191.58$170.31($21.27)
* A therm is a unit of heat measurement used to calculate your gas usage and charges.  100 therms is for a typical winter month.  Keep in mind that everyone’s therm use is different so your actual bill change will be different depending on the amount of therms used each month.

Estimated Meter Readings
Weather or an inability to access your meter due to fences, loose pets, or landscaping that blocks all or part of your meter can interfere with our ability to read your meter. In these situations, an estimated meter reading is used, sometimes just for one month or sometimes for multiple months if the issue persists. If the estimate is higher than your actual usage it can lead to a higher than expected bill. If that happens, an adjustment will be reflected once we obtain an actual meter reading. If the estimate is lower than your actual usage, you may see a higher than expected bill in a future month once an actual meter reading is obtained. If you notice that your bill has been estimated, you can snap a photo of your meter and email it to contactus@sjindustries.com, or enter the meter reading in My Account, and we’ll adjust your bill.

Cooler Weather
The temperature outside impacts when we turn our heat on and how warm we prefer our showers to be. Therefore, when the temperature drops, you may use more natural gas to heat your home and water. Visit Conserve for tips for saving energy & money.

Increase in Appliance Usage 
Your natural gas appliances work harder during colder weather which could cause your bill to be higher.

Below is an explanation of the main sections of your gas bill to help you understand how your bill is calculated each month. It may be helpful to have your bill handy as you review the information.

Understanding Your Bill

There are two primary parts that make up your bill – Usage Costs and Natural Gas Costs.



What you can do to help reduce your natural gas bill.

Reduce the number of therms you use. Simply put, the less therms you use, the lower your bill. You can trust that we’re helping you save energy and money without sacrificing comfort. Simple things like turning down your thermostat or sealing air leaks and drafts can help. In addition, Energy Efficiency programs, financial incentives, and resources are available to SJG customers. Here's what you can do:

  • Get instant rebates and discounts on smart thermostats and water-saving fixtures – southjerseygasmarketplace.com

  • Find easy ways to reduce your energy usage with a quick, online assessment - sjg.energysavvy.com

  • Visit SJGsaveenergy.com for information on money-saving Energy Efficiency programs, exclusively for SJG customers:

    • Upgrade to high-efficiency gas heating and water heating equipment with 0% APR financing for 7 years through our On-Bill Repayment Program (OBRP) and up to $1,500 in rebates
    • Quick Home Energy Checkup (QHEC) - FREE In-home Assessment
    • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® - whole house comprehensive energy efficiency assessment
    • Replace your washer and/or gas dryer with eligible ENERGY STAR appliances and receive up to $300 in rebates
      Low/Moderate Income – additional incentives available
  • Visit southjerseygas.com/conserve for simple energy saving tips


Trouble paying your natural gas bill?

Financial assistance is available. Utility Bill Assistance programs are available to help you pay and manage your energy bills. For resources and online applications, visit Utility Bill Assistance.

Visit My Account or speak with a Customer Service Representative about a Payment Arrangement to pay your balance over time.


Natural gas is still your best value.

Rest assured, natural gas is still the most affordable residential energy source according to the Department of Energy’s recently-released 2022 residential energy forecast and natural gas continues to be significantly less expensive than other energy sources.

Natural Gas vs. Oil
Natural Gas Furnace (95%)Oil (80%)Savings $Savings %
Natural Gas vs. Propane
Natural Gas Furnace (95%)Propane (80%)Savings $Savings %
Natural Gas vs. Electric
Natural Gas Furnace (95%)Electric (Resistance)Savings $Savings %
Natural Gas vs. Electric Heat Pump
Natural Gas Furnace (95%)Electric 6.8 HSPFSavings $Savings %

Existing homes converting from other fuels to natural gas.
 Assuming standard efficiency for 12-18 years old existing equipment and high efficiency for new natural gas equipment.

Average annual savings when switching from alternative heat sources and assume use of high efficiency natural gas equipment. Actual savings vary based on usage and energy source. Comparisons based on October 2022 EIA oil and propane data, July 2022 EIA electric data, and SJG’s October 2022 natural gas rate. Availability of natural gas is not guaranteed and contingent upon household proximity to natural gas main.

We appreciate our customers and the community and will continue to deliver value with safe, reliable, affordable natural gas.

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