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High-efficiency products use less energy and can help your business reduce operating costs. SJG Smart Energy Partners program is a complement to NJCEP and provides 0% financing options to help make energy efficiency more affordable. Whether your business is already heating with natural gas, or converting to natural gas, financial incentives are available.

Direct Install

Direct Install is a turnkey solution that makes upgrading to high-efficiency equipment easy and affordable for small to medium-sized facilities. Replacing older, inefficient equipment with high-efficiency equipment is one of the most effective ways to control your operating costs for the long term. Eligible equipment includes lighting, heating and cooling systems, refrigeration and more.

  • Schedule a FREE energy efficiency assessment with a Direct Install participating contractor and receive recommended energy saving improvements for your business
  • The program pays up to 70% of the retrofit costs included in the assessment, significantly reducing the amount you pay for improvements
  • Plus, you may qualify for 0% financing for the remaining 30% (up to $130,000 for 5 years) through SJG Smart Energy Partners program

Enjoy ongoing savings - your new energy-efficient equipment is an investment in your business that will provide savings for years to come!


New Jersey SmartStart Buildings

Whether you're renovating existing space, or upgrading equipment, you have unique opportunities to upgrade the energy efficiency of the project. And, financial incentives are available to offset the added cost to purchase qualifying energy-efficient equipment through the New Jersey SmartStart Buildings program.

  • Custom energy efficiency measures give you the opportunity to receive an incentive for energy-efficiency improvements that are unique to your business
  • Eligible equipment includes heaters, water heaters, refrigeration, lighting and more
  • Plus, you may qualify for up to $130,000 at 0% financing for 10 years from SJG Smart Energy Partners program

A smart start now means better performance later!


Pay for Performance

Take a whole building approach to improving the overall energy use and efficiency of your facility. Designed for larger building, Pay for Performance can help you save up to 15% or more on energy consumption.

  • Get rewarded for taking a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency with earned incentives linked to energy savings
  • A Pay for Performance approved partner will work with you to recommend and implement energy efficiency projects for your business
  • Plus, you may qualify for up to $130,000 at 0% financing for 10 years from SJG Smart Energy Partners program

The more energy you save, the more incentives you earn!

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