Natural Gas Safety

South Jersey Gas wants you to stay safe at your home or business. Below, you can find important natural gas safety tips. Remember, if you smell gas, evacuate the area and call the Gas Leak Hotline, 1-800-582-7060 and 911 immediately.

Grill Safety
Nothing says summer like a nice barbecue. For best safety results:
  • DO keep grill in a well-ventilated area
  • DO keep any potentially combustible materials away from the grill 
  • DO keep children and pets away from the grill area
  • DO maintain grill and regularly clean any accumulated grease or fat
  • DON’T use the grill if you smell gas
  • DON’T use the grill to cook indoors

Appliance Safety


Carbon Monoxide: Frequently Asked Questions

Meter Tampering
Tampering with a meter is dangerous and illegal. Anyone found altering a meter faces criminal prosecution and civil penalties. To report meter tampering anonymously, call 911 and SJG at 888-766-9900.


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811: Call Before You Dig

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