Pipeline Safety

Your safety is our priority – that’s why we are committed to maintaining a safe and reliable system. At South Jersey Gas, this includes working closely with local first responders to ensure understanding of our infrastructure and emergency preparedness plans. Additionally, we engage customers, residents, government officials, contractors and others in pipeline safety education programs throughout the year. To keep yourself, your loved ones and your community safe, it is important to know the basics of pipeline safety. 

  • Locate transmission pipelines in your neighborhood (yellow markers standing four feet high, labeled, “Warning Gas Pipeline – South Jersey Gas Company”)
  • Save South Jersey Gas contact information including the Gas Leak Hotline, 1-800-582-7060, in case of emergency
  • Look out for any unusual or suspicious activity near pipelines and report to South Jersey Gas Customer Service, 1-888-766-9900, and local law enforcement.

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811: Call Before You Dig

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