Smart Energy Partners
South Jersey Gas is proud to offer Smart Energy PartnersSM, a program dedicated to delivering meaningful and innovative energy efficiency solutions. The program empowers you to lower energy costs, reduce energy consumption and improve life through affordable financing programs, rebates and conservation education. Working together, we can implement solutions that keep you warm and comfortable while saving energy and money—and positively impacting the environment.

Save Energy & Money 

A home that runs on natural gas runs smarter.

There’s never been a smarter time to upgrade your home or business to natural gas.  

Energy Efficient: Natural gas makes everything from your heating equipment to your cooking appliances run more efficiently. For example: natural gas dryers use less energy, natural gas water heaters heat faster and natural gas furnaces can last longer. These efficiencies save you energy & money! 

Cleaner & Greener: Natural gas is produced right here in the USA and burns cleaner than other fuel sources. You're not just saving energy – you're protecting the environment and our energy economy! 

Financial Incentives: We offer 0% financing and rebate options for homes and businesses looking to upgrade to high efficiency and/or install natural gas service. See the links below to learn how to save energy & money. 

See the links below to learn more about financial incentives for upgrading and/or installing natural gas service in your home or business

Incentives for Homes    Incentives for Businesses

Still not sure about natural gas? Scroll down for more opportunities to learn how to save energy & money. 

Energy Efficiency at Home

Natural gas makes everything from your heating equipment to your cooking appliances run more efficiently, saving energy & money. 

See the link below for information on how to save energy & money at home

Energy Efficiency at Home

Commercial Energy Savings

We at South Jersey Gas are here to help you run your business more effectively and at the lowest possible cost. See the link below to learn more about Saving Energy & Money at your business. 

Commercial Energy Savings


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