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Fall In Love With the Benefits 

  • Feel the heat.
     Natural gas heat is faster and more efficient than other fuel sources, so you can keep your family comfortable at a lower cost.
  • Rekindle your love for cooking.
    Natural gas stovetops have great looks, heat up instantly and provide more precise temperature control while cooking, allowing you to get the most out of every meal.
  • Get all the warm feels.
    With natural gas, clothes are dry the first time, in less time, while using less energy.
  • Step into a love that lasts.
    With water heaters powered by natural gas, showers heat up twice as fast, last longer and use less energy—so you can enjoy relaxing showers.
  • Grill to your heart's desire.
    No tanks. No refilling. Natural gas grills give you continuous heat that doesn't run out, so your grill is always ready to cook on.

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Discover the Savings

Check out these calculators to see how much you could save on heating when you switch to natural gas.

Natural Gas vs. Oil    Natural Gas vs. Electric    Natural Gas vs. Propane


Financial Incentive Programs

The road to saving money with energy efficiency is more affordable.

South Jersey Gas Smart Energy PartnersSM Program

Financial incentives exclusively available to SJG customers when purchasing and installing high-efficiency natural gas equipment and other energy-saving improvements. Choose from 0% APR financing and rebates on high-efficiency equipment. Plus, discounts on smart thermostats and home energy audit programs.

South Jersey Gas Conversion Loan

0% APR financing for up to $8,000 for 5 years when you convert to natural gas heating and install a natural gas water heater and/or furnace or boiler. Ask an SJG Participating Contractor for an application.


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