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Sensi Makes Sense for Easy EE 

Sensi Makes Sense for Easy EE 

Over half of your household’s energy usage comes from heating and cooling your home. Using connected devices to automate heating and cooling can make it easier to lower home energy costs, conveniently. You can set it, forget it and save!
Many homes today already utilize smart thermostats to regulate and optimize their heating and air conditioning systems – and those technologies are becoming more finely-tuned to benefit consumers. The Sensi Room Sensor is a device that enables you to remotely monitor and control temperatures where your home needs it most.
For example, you can choose to average your temperature settings across sensors and thermostats to help reduce hot and cold spots. You can also view room temperatures and humidity levels around your home. Additionally, Sensi Room Sensors are wireless, can stand alone or be mounted on a wall and easily pair with a Sensi 2 smart thermostat.
The amount of effort your system takes to heat and cool your home directly impacts your energy usage and your energy bill, so being connected makes it easier to reduce energy costs. For more information about this energy-saving device, visit the SJG Marketplace.
Source: South Jersey Gas; Sensi/Emerson.

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