Understanding My Residential Bill

You may have noticed unusually high bills recently. Several factors determine the amount of your gas bill every month. 

Estimated Meter Readings
Weather can interfere with our ability to read your meter. When weather is an issue, an estimated meter reading is used. Sometimes the estimate is higher than your actual natural gas usage and results in a higher than normal gas bill. If that happens, the adjustment will be reflected in the following month’s bill. Or, if you’d like, you can snap a photo of your meter reading and email it to contactus@sjindustries.com, or enter the meter reading in My Account and we'll adjust the bill.

Natural Gas Prices are Increasing 
The cost of natural gas on the market has increased. However, SJG does not profit from the cost of natural gas. You pay what we pay. Natural gas is still the most affordable residential energy source according to the Department of Energy’s recently-released 2022 residential energy forecast.

Cooler Weather
You may be using more natural gas to heat your home and water. Visit Conserve for tips for saving energy & money.

Increase in Appliance Usage 
Your natural gas appliances work harder during colder weather which could cause your bill to be higher.

Below is an explanation of the main sections of your gas bill to help you understand how your bill is calculated each month. It may be helpful to have your bill handy as you review the information.
There are two primary parts that make up your bill – Usage Costs and Natural Gas Costs.

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